Groovy Times b/w On Top Of Me - The New Christs

Label:Munster Records

Over the last twenty years, The New Christs have been one of Australiaís best and most volatile bands and therefore it is somewhat appropriate that they should go out with a bang. Released as the band was coming apart at the seams, the bandís latest single, Groovy Times b/w On Top Of Me, is a fitting epitaph to the New Christs legend. And while the breakup might have been ugly, itís the music thatís the most important thing and thankfully not much has changed. The bleak and barren cover really does set the scene. Although he may have mellowed slightly over the years, Rob Younger still sounds as bitter as ever. His tortured vocals are still the main focus, while the band themselves represent arguably the best New Christs lineup since Distemper was recorded over a decade ago. Itís a shame but you rarely hear bands these days who can rock with a similar level of intensity.

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